Our mission
is very simple

We want to drive traffic to the watersports of New Zealand. We notice that there is a seasonality in the sport that peaks in the summer, this is why we want to make sure that we let everyone know that they can enjoy watersports year-round and not just in the summer.
We are a large team of experienced sailors, surfers, kayakers, and competitive water sports practitioners. We bring a lot of value by giving the readers every bit of information they need concerning their sport of choice. In addition to that, many of us are trainers in our sports which means we’re giving you information based on the experience we have had from people such as our clients.

Bring Fun And Value

We are here to bring fun and value, but most importantly, we want people to enjoy the benefits of watersports. We bring the fun aspect to burning calories and being active. Tired of your 40-minute treadmill cardio workout? With watersports.co.nz, you can rest assured that you will enjoy every second of watersports.

Let’s make watersports fun in New Zealand, join our community and club to get started.