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We are a website that is purely dedicated to watersports in New Zealand. We bring you content and advice on training, technique, equipment, gear, and clubs to join in order to enjoy the watersports of New Zealand.

Watersports.co.nz is all about kayaking, SUPing, sailing, surfing, or just going to the beach to enjoy your time. You will find a lot of information about lessons as well as events concerning watersports. This includes reports, the best sports, and the best times to go to in each season.
If you’re a real enthusiast, you know that watersports are not just for summer. You can enjoy some extreme waves in the winter as well as in the spring. New Zealand has some of the best beaches in the whole world so lets get out there and enjoy them!


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This website is your new go to when it comes to watersports. We are always on the lookout for anything watersport related in order to keep you updated on the latest news in New Zealand.

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We absolutely love water sports. All of our team has grown up with some sort of watersport. This is why we’re giving you the most extensive research and information out there. It’s not some random content from the internet, it’s information for New Zealanders and the rest of the world from a team of experienced Kiwi watersport residents.

Not only are we writers for people who want to get better at sports in the water including surfing, skiing, windsurfing etc,  we’re also writers who are kept up to date with the latest information and innovations.

You can rest assured that you are getting accurate recent information about your watersports. This is because we’re very experienced and we love what we do.


We are very experienced in many varied watersports, and our team consists of many experts in different fields. We all pour our knowledge and experience from each field into this website. As such, we believe this website a goldmine for every watersport lover who lives in New Zealand. If you’re planning to enjoy the water sports of New Zealand on your next trip then you can’t go wrong by clicking on a couple of our blogs and educating yourself on just what watersports are out there.



If you’re tired of doing the regular workouts to burn calories, then rest assured that you will never be bored doing some sort of watersport. You could lose a ton of weight (if that is what you are after) with our information and tips. Not only that, but you will also be learning new skills that are fun and engaging.

Take your friends and family and enjoy a watersport. They will fall in love with moving more and burning calories. If you struggle with weight loss or if you find it boring, then stay tuned and we’ll bring you new ways to spice up your cardio in the water.